24 February 2008

The Code

We pass from injunction to disjunction through the code, from the ultimatum to solicitation, from obligatory passivity to models constructed from the outset on the basis of the subject's "active response," and this subject's involvement and "ludic" participation, towards a total environment model made up of incessant spontaneous responses, joyous feedback and irradiated contacts. According to Nicolas Schoffer, this is a "concretization of the general ambience": the great festival of Participation is made up of myriad stimuli, miniaturized tests, and infinitely divisible question/answers, all magnetized by several great models in the luminous field of the code.

Here comes the great Culture of tactile communication, under the sign of techno-lumino-kinetic space and total spatio-dynamic theater!
Jean Baudrillard, "Symbolic Exchange and Death"

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Good words.