15 April 2008

Apparent Contradiction Resolved!

If you read my recent post on the movie Expelled, as well as the article linked at the bottom of that post, you might have been confused about my comments on the relation between common sense and science. So, I should disambiguate. My claims were twofold: First, the methodology of science, namely the heavy reliance on observation as the arbiter between beliefs (although there are additional, e.g., "virtues" of hypotheses that make them more or less attractive), is nothing but an extension of common-sense. And second, the conclusions of science, given its common-sense methodological approach, are often extremely unintuitive and counter-common-sense. This is to say that by examining the world via empirical investigation (rather than intuition, divine revelation, etc.), we discover, a posteriori, that the world happens to be a very, very unusual place. Thus, the apparent contradiction is just that—apparent!

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L. V. Mountweazel said...

And religion would be neither? :)