24 April 2008


--> "Relevance of the book questioned in Internet age"
This has been making the rounds, despite the fact that it adds nothing new to the discussion. Oh well.

--> Journal of E-Media Studies
New online academic journal, inaugural issue just published. "E-poetry: between image and performance -- A cultural analysis" -- you will be skimmed. Probably during class.

--> Engaged Youth
Lance Bennett spoke in one of my classes today, and at colloquium tonight. He's got some pretty smart things to say about using new media to foster civic awareness among young folk, and has been practicing what he preaches at Engaged Youth.

--> Your Revolution
Bennett also spoke about Your Revolution, a new Facebook app that checks your friend list against voter reg rolls, telling you how many of your friends are not registered. Then it lets you spam them until they register. Interesting ideas, despite the obvious problems (registering to vote doesn't mean people will vote -- I learned that the hard way at ACORN -- and only a few states make voter reg rolls public).

--> In a week in which my days are scheduled from 9am to 9pm, without enough time to grab a freakin' cup of coffee, I managed to watch this while crossing the river into Boston, and it made me ridiculously happy:

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