23 April 2008

Upcoming Boston/Cambridge events

There's too many interesting things going on this week, so for Boston/Cambridge readers and colleagues -- here it is. Be thankful I'm not spamming your inbox. Email me to meet up.

--> ROFLCon (duh!)

--> "Interactions: human, computer, music", a symposium on computer-assisted composition, this Friday, April 25, at Harvard, 1-6pm. I'm going to try to make it.

--> Greg Graffin, guitarist for Bad Religion, evolutionary biologist and all-around AWESOME GUY, won the 2008 Cultural Humanism Award from the Harvard Chaplaincy and Harvard Secular Society. He's accepting the award this Saturday, April 26th, at Memorial Church, 8-10pm, $5. Best part? "Graffin will follow his acceptance speech with with an acoustic performance and a question and answer session." Sweet.

--> Jonathan Franzen is "in conversation" with James Wood this Monday -- and he's invited us to listen in! I won't be going to this, because I hate how smug Franzen looks on his jacket covers; but noteworthy nonetheless. Harvard, April 28, 6:30pm.

--> Adrienne Rich is giving a talk with an unbelievably boring title: "A Poetry Reading, With Commentary." At least she isn't "in conversation" with anyone. Harvard, Radcliffe Gym, April 28, 4:15. Free. Against my better judgment, I'll probably be going.

--> MIT Visiting Scholar Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan is giving a talk on automata on Monday, 4-6 in E51-095. Any excuse to talk about automata, nowadays.

--> DJ, musician and editor Ntone Edjabe is giving a talk as part of the Zones of Emergency series at MIT. Monday April 28, 7-9; worth checking out.

--> Mass Market d.i.y. craft fair, May 4, 10-5pm, @mass art. I'm there.

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there's also the independent film festival which started yesterday