16 July 2008

Weird McLuhan Citing #19

McLuhan has been popping up in places so weird this summer that I haven't been able to keep up. Commentary on the New Yorker's distasteful cover; a tribute to J. G. Ballard; and a weird blog post about one person's love for his or her Blackberry -- all find strange inspiration in the Media Guru.

But I never expected my buddy Ralph Nader to drop the MITM bomb. In my inbox this morning:
Thousands of Americans have learned about the Nader/Gonzalez campaign from our videos.

Sometimes, the medium is the message.

By supporting Nader/Gonzalez media, you'll be supporting the Nader/Gonzalez message - shift the power from the corporations back into the hands of the people.

Is this supposed to appeal to aging LSD freaks? Not only is this not an instance of what McLuhan meant by "the medium is the message," it just sounds damn awkward. Especially since a previous email from you proudly touted that you still write on a typewriter. What's the message in that use of media?

I still love you Ralph. You were totally right -- Obama's spinning hard to the right, and the worst thing about it is he doesn't even have to. Rachel Maddow has reached near temper-tamper levels filling in for Olbermann, she's so pissed. And you're also totally right about his contributions -- he's gotten over a million dollars from the insurance industry, only a little less than John McCain, and is as corporate as any other major party candidate is, was and ever will be. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. But ix-nay the Luhan-Mckay eference-ray. Not necessary.

All said, though, it isn't as bad as this guy, who thinks McLuhan can help out the Republicans. That fixed, no-scroll image of him looking uncomfortably proper, such that his entire body looks over the shoulder of his text as you read it.. real classy.

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