03 September 2008

denouncing police tactics at the RNC protests

This has been bouncing around various listservs I'm on. I'm extremely upset with how the protesters both in Denver and in Minnesota have been treated by the police and city officials. I don't care what you believe, we live in America where you can protest whatever you goddamn please. Take a moment to educate yourself, and help these kids out.


Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher
Ramsey County Chief Judge Gearin 651-266-8266
Head of Ramsey County Jail Capt. O'Neal 651-266-9350 ex. 1

Use this rap:

Hi (person you are calling)________. My name is (your name) _________ from (your place) _________ and I am calling on behalf of all those held in jail for demonstrating against the Republican National Convention. I demand that all charges be dismissed. I demand that the arrestees be allowed to meet in group(s) with lawyers. I demand that you provide immediate medical attention to those who need it. I demand that all minors be released. I demand that trans folk be given access to phone calls, lawyers, and that they be held in the gender group of their choice.

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