11 September 2008

Guests of the Nation

My friend, fellow co-editor and all-around inspiration to me, Mike Palecek, is publishing his latest book, Guests of the Nation. Mike is a long-time peace activist, having spent time in prison for protesting nuclear weapons, as well as a conspiracy theorist of the finest order. Here's what he had to say in a recent article about his work:
"I'd like people to consider that their government is a bunch of lying weasels, is what I'd like them to consider," Palecek said. "The other thing is, I'd like to write something that would be worth something, that would make a tangible difference to somebody who doesn't have too much. That is a real long-range stretch."
Right on. Congrats to Mike. You can pre-order Guests of the Nation, and order his other books, here.

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