24 September 2008

"Jhone Scott with my hand at the pene."

In my craze to soak up the sun this weekend, I neglected to point out some awesome images over at Wynken de Worde:

You're looking at the title page for the 1557 edition of William Lily's famous grammar book (or: A short introduction of grammar generallie to be vsed. Compiled and set forth, for the bringyng vp of all those that intend to attaine the knovvlege of the Latin tongue). Blogstress Sarah Werner explains:
Who does this book belong to? John Scott, who carefully notes that point with the phrase "Jhone Scott with my hand at the pene." John also seems to have started to write this inscription along the gutter, starting at the bottom of the page just to the left of the printer's device. (There's something else above that line, but at some point rebinding has made the gutter swallow the words.) At the back endpaper, both "Thomas Scott" and "Gulielmus Scott" have written their names, suggesting that this was a schoolbook that was handed down among the Scott family.

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