03 September 2008

This semester

First day of classes here, which means a fresh start. I've been keeping low all summer, doing a lot of reading and writing without much sharing or, for that matter, human interaction. Suddenly being around people all day has been a rough adjustment.

But, lots of exciting things happening. First, I'm going to be TAing Ed Barrett's class in Digital Poetry. It's mostly a writing workshop which we've designed around a few core units (hypertext, procedural poetry, visual/video poetry, sound poetry), so with the exception of throwing together some screenings and a brief lecture on the ancestors of contemporary digital poems, I get to sit back and enjoy observing and discussing the writing process. I'm looking forward to it, and may share some student work here.

Second, I'm a HASTAC Scholar this year, which means I'll be blogging on HASTAC's site. I haven't set up everything yet, but will post a link soon. The kick-off discussion with Howard Rheingold has been excellent so far. I'm excited to represent and showcase some of the awesome work going on here at MIT in the digital humanities.

Finally, some miscellaneous updates. If I can survive a two-hour improv comedy workshop (long story), I'm an Arts Scholar this year at MIT, which means I'm going to be attending (more) arts events in the Boston area. I'm hoping to get the Boston ballet put on the calendar. Anyway, I'll be posting more updates that relate specifically to Boston/Cambridge-area good-times.

Also, I'll be attending the English Institute at Harvard next weekend -- topic: "Periodization." While I may -- no, I will -- be the only person at Harvard using a laptop during the various talks, I'll brave the bitter stares to post a few updates. (I won't, however, make the mistake of wearing purple tights. I tried that once, and for some reason I still don't understand, got called a "dirty hippie." Live and learn.)

Okay, enough. Be well.

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