05 October 2008

Harlot, a new online journal

This looks pretty neat: Harlot, a new web journal. The descrip:
Harlot is a digital magazine and web forum dedicated to provoking playful and serious conversations about rhetoric — from reality television to public monuments, religion to pop music, and everything in between. As a netroots campaign in rhetorical literacy, Harlot promotes critical response to the endless streams of subtly persuasive communication that surround us every day. We at Harlot believe rhetorical analysis and production can help us to better understand and more effectively and ethically influence our communities and world. And so we offer a space for your relevant, accessible criticism and collaborative meaning-making.
The inaugural issue contains a few teasing titles, such as "'phonesex : a digital collage'
and 'dis|orientation : a straight closet'
", as well as "Playing Heads or Tails with My Diaphragm: Drinking Lattés with Hélène Cixous." We need more open-access journals, and academics that can speak to a broader audience. Unfortunately, though, the white on black text is killing my eyes.


Anonymous said...

yes! rhetoric back in the limelight.

Kate said...

Thanks for the kind words and helpful critique! As of Issue 4, we've redesigned the article layouts to be more reader-friendly. Stay tuned for ongoing revisions..