27 November 2008

succulent lamb-cabbage from Tartary

My fellow vegatarians, forget Tofurky. Just be thankful you're not eating this for Thanksgiving:

"Welches sich findet in Zanolha einer Landschafft in der Tartarie, da die Inwohner ein Korn wie die Melonen Korn außsäen / das doch ein wenig länger ist / als besagter Korn / darauß erwächst ein Kraut genant Boramerz, das ist ein Lamm / welchem Thiere es mit den Füssen / Haubt / Ohren und wollen gleichet."

Really bad off-the-cuff translation, but you get the idea:
"Of which one finds in Zanolha, a country in Tartary, where they sow melon seeds / but it is a little longer than the implied grain / and thus it grows a cabbage called Boramerz, which is a lamb / which food it resembles in its feet, head, ears and wool. "
The text goes on to salivate over the succulunt flesh of this crazy lamb-cabbage.

The image is from page 583 of the third volume of Delitiae mathematicae et physicae (1653), a book I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time with recently. I'll share a few of my findings over the next week, so be forewarned -- Harsdörffer overload ahead.

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