18 December 2008

support for CMS, some links

I'm limping, crawling, practically getting knocked unconscious over this semester's finish line (don't you love the academia/sports analogies that turn us all into competitors? boy do I love it) -- anyway, that line is tomorrow, which means even the anticipated six inches of snow for Cambridge will not keep me from getting these papers and applications done. Friday afternoon I'll have a link to a prototype of my thesis, and I'm eagerly anticipating feedback.

Friday evening, I'll be frolicking in white fluff. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a link from Rekha Murphy, a 2005 graduate of the Comparative Media Studies program. Her class got together over the interwebz to collaboratively write a letter in support of media studies at MIT. Check it out here.

Jeffrey Young at The Chronicle for Higher Education also blogged about recent developments in CMS today. As he notes, MIT has finally agreed to freeze admissions for CMS this year. I think it's the right choice. Everything here is going to have to be drastically restructured for it all to turn into a coherent something again; and if MIT wasn't willing to put enough support behind the program to keep Henry, who does the job of at least three people, I don't see them putting enough support behind it to continue the program next year (i.e. hire faculty/staff to run the thing), and certainly not to grow it. It's a shame that something so lovingly coaxed into existence and even prosperity over the course of a decade can be squashed in a few short weeks -- and through no fault (in fact against the wishes) of the people who put so much into it, and who are most invested in it. But .. it ain't my decision .. or there'd be a CMS-like program at every major institution.

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