09 December 2008


I'm both pleased and utterly embarrassed to announce www.whitneyannetrettien.com.

Bright colors that blind, fixed blocks, and surely not compatible with all browsers -- actually, I think it's a pretty accurate reflection of what it's like to know me. Minimalist with a touch of insanity. And there's some webby dictionary stuff going on in the background (my delicious tagroll). I wanted arscombinatoria.com, but someone got to it before me.

There's not much on there except a CV and a link to this blog, but in a week a prototype of my thesis will be up. Then I will most def be soliciting feedback.


peacay said...

After my retinas were reattached (and the pink-receptor cones cauterised), I decided that I like the layout!

Whitney said...

Great! Just the reaction I was going for! ;)