07 February 2009

recent links on Digital Humanities

After I tell someone that I work for HyperStudio, the Digital Humanites lab at MIT, the inevitable next question is: "Um.. what's that?" Even from digital humanities people.

So I've started gathering links that do a good job of surveying the state of the field. Lisa Spiro's post over at Digital Scholarship in the Humanities is just such a one, with plenty of links to the biggest names, projects and reports from the last year or so. Collaboration is of course a big topic, as well as the emergence of Digital Humanities as a field in its own right.

Also, HASTAC is also currently a forum on "The Future of the Digital Humanities" with Brett Bobley of the NEH. The questions brought up so far have been excellent -- a must-read (and must-participate!) for those with an interest in DH.

Lots of people are thinking about this new thing we're all now calling Digital Humanities -- I'll post more as it comes through my feedreader.

[Update: I've posted these and more links over at the HyperStudio blog.]

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