03 September 2009

Dusty Flour Bags & Blue Pope Lobsters

I am too hot and burned by my own thoughts; often it nearly takes my breath away. Then I must go out into the open and away from all dusty rooms. But they sit cool in the cool shade: in everything they want to be mere spectators, and they beware of sitting where the sun burns on the steps. Like those who stand in the street and gape at the people who pass by, they too wait and gape at thoughts that others have thought.

If you seize them with your hands they raise a cloud of dust like flour bags, involuntarily; but who could guess that their dust comes from grain and from the yellow delight of summer fields?

// Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Book II ("On Scholars")

[Dada sound poet Hugo Ball dressed up as a blue pope lobster, reciting his word salad circa 1916.]

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