11 November 2009

History of Timeline Visualizations

While I've physically left Cambridge in general and MIT in particular, I continue to blog for HyperStudio, MIT's digital humanities lab. Readers with an interest in digital humanities might want to mosey on over and check out my brief and unabashedly teleological history of timeline visualizations, part uno.

Part two was just completed, and will be posted in the coming weeks.

Note that the HyperStudio website is currently getting majorly overhauled, so think of this as a little taste of what's to come. I'm putting together a backlog of posts on the history of visualizations, spatial history and early computing, to be released once the new site is complete. So stay tuned.

(PS: Many thanks to everyone's favorite book blogger, peacay at Bibliodyssey, for help finding information on early timelines. He's amazing!)

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