19 November 2009

LINKS!: digihum, CYOA, text adventure cover letters, nineteenth-century jokes

Links, split into two categories.

Digital Humanites / Media

The gathering of digital humanities resources (hereafter shortened to digihum, which kind of sounds more awesome, or delicious) continues. Dan Cohen has a list of digihum Twitterers going, and has recently launched Digital Humanities Now, "a real-time, crowdsourced publication" that "takes the pulse of the digital humanities community and tries to discern what articles, blog posts, projects, tools, collections, and announcements are worthy of greater attention." I'm really digging it, especially since similar conversations about the state of the field have been popping on HASTAC.

Oh, and HASTAC forum on Grading 2.0!

Digihum-related, more of the history of blogging the Middle Ages. Again, it's great to see these histories documented. Moar, plz.

Nick Montfort on Nick Montfort on Nick Montfort. Not as kinky as it sounds. But does make me want to write some more IF.

Choose Your Own Adventure visualizations are making the rounds. Speaking of which, Letters of Note -- an amazing blog of amazing letters -- has a letter by computer game designer Tim Schafer to David Fox, in which he applies to be the designer for LucasArts by writing his cover letter as a text adventure game.

Bookishness / History

Julie Melby at Graphic Arts always has great stuff. This week she posted some scans of William Thackeray's pencil drawings, scribbled into the margins of his volumes of The Mirror.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Ptak Science Books' musings about 17th-century Dada art and William Burroughs' (who I have spent way too much time thinking/writing about today) self-portrait.

Oh, and sometimes nineteenth-century Congressman make cute jokes.


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Jeremy Saunders said...

Heh heh, that text adventure cover letter was awesome! Well, at least for me it was as I do text adventure games over at Iron Realms.