20 December 2009

Arguments with Latour

Whoever last owned my copy of Latour's We Have Never Been Modern clearly had a bone to pick:

Luckily, Bruno was able to redeem himself:


Nick said...

my copy has a lot of: ":-O" and "YES!" in it.

not sure whether that says more about me or latour

Whitney said...

your own comments?

Latour's interlocutor returns in chapter five with the comments: "not true; comparing apples to ORANGES!!" and ""BULLSHIT" -- rophi". I don't know who rophi is, but apparently s/he was less than impressed with Latour's critique of postmodernism.

Nick said...

oh yes, my own comments.

I think this book helped me understand what it must feel like for those college freshmen that read Atlas Shrugged.

Signing your comments to the author in the marginalia is a good idea. You never know—your copy could end up in Bruno Latour's hands:

"Oh, rophi, hoist with my own petard! the modern constitution doesn't allow me to compare apples to oranges!"

Whitney said...


I just noticed more of rophi's insight. In figure 5.1, the diagram of "What is retained and what is rejected" from the moderns, premoderns and postmoderns, s/he has added a very large, approving asterisk next to "ironic reflexivity," and an ironically reflexive questionmark next to "rationality."