28 May 2010

This is hacking the academy.

I began writing something for Hacking the Academy, a collaborative "book" of blog posts &c. produced in one week, on why I'm done writing papers; how limiting I find their structure of argumentation (limiting in good ways, limiting in bad ways); why the process of doing digital work better fits how my brain works. But after using 25 minutes of my self-alloted hour, I decided just to make something.

Using a very simple jQuery shuffle plugin, I created a one-line permutation poem: "THIS IS HACKING THE ACADEMY." This line produces some great combinations. This hacking is the academy; hacking the academy is this; the academy is this hacking; is this hacking the academy? In the spectrum from sense to sense to nonsense, certainty to doubt, sit all my feelings about doing scholarship at this moment of media in transition, as well as this project, digital projects, and "hacking the academy" (or Hacking the Academy) in general.

Quick prototyping and creative, media-aware criticism is my hack of the academy. Learn; explore; do; teach others to do. This is hacking the academy.

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