23 November 2010

Puzzling Drumbeat

I started writing a long post hyping all the awesome people I met at Mozilla Drumbeat, peppered with some broad insights on the future of the education on the open web.

It might have been a good post; but it was taxing to write, and I was having a hard time separating personal from professional insights. Words beginning with "c" kept coming up: context, the clatter of skateboards, collaboration, crowds, clouds, the salty seawater crust I can't remove from the edge of my favorite poncho. And I kept finding the most beautiful photographs from the festival. I wanted to combine my messy half-thoughts with these visuals in a way that honored the experience of being there.

So I made a puzzle -- because, well, the whole festival was (delightfully, playfully) puzzling. A mix-n-match tinker-board of local and global action.

(And, of course, I've been wanting to make something with jqPuzzle for some time. )


1 comment:

vVvA said...

hola whitney! i like very much the combinatorial quality of this puzzle. it synthesizes well the spirit of the festival. btw, i learned a lot in the HASTAC tend and enjoyed storming the academy.