16 July 2011

"Becoming Plant" up on postmedieval's open review

A draft of my essay "Becoming Plant: Magnifying a Microhistory of Media Circuits" is now online as part of postmedieval's crowd review for the special issue, "Becoming-Media," co-edited by Martin Foys and Jen Boyle.*

It deals with Nehemiah Grew's The Anatomy of Plants (1682); medieval marvels and early comparative anatomy; the changing book of nature trope; epitomes and compendia models of reproduction; and the codex form as a metaphor for the structure of living things.

It began as an experiment in methodology -- in creatively conciliating the specificity of a media-archaeological approach with a narrative of broad cultural change -- but evolved into an associative journey through plant-animal-book hybrids.

The web-based review process is set up to be open-ended (you can read more about it here); all are welcome to leave comments and critiques. In fact, please do! I can think of few better uses for technology than to facilitate communication across previously insurmountable barriers.

*I wrote and rewrote this sentence a dozen times. Does one put an essay "up for" or "under" public review? Is the essay "at" or "on" the review site? Our prepositions haven't gelled for this process yet. If you're confused, visit the site I linked and you'll get the idea.

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