03 December 2011

A Brief History of Authoterrorism

ANTIBOOKCLUB, a new publishing (ad)venture out of Chicago, released its first book this fall, A Brief History of Authoterrorism. It's a sometimes funny, sometimes odd, always delightful anthology chronicling just how far authors will go to promote their work. I wrote a wee bit of aca-fiction for the book. It involves Leibniz's binary system, the history of copyright law and a rare book room OCR mystery. (Of course. What else would I write about?!)

It's beautifully edited and designed by Gabriel Levinson. Do check it out, and support the project if you can.

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heather said...

The author (Whitney) has created, produced and/or published on seventeenth-century generative writing, moving parts in books, fore-edge paintings, digital poetry, bibliobotanies and early modern plant-animal hybrids. As for me, I just want to learn how to play piano.