25 January 2012

Minding my "P"s and "B"s

Posed post practitioners been bring be up by piece pattern!

Publication observes Presbyterian, complained being Episcopalian bishops between Bishops. Presbyters both, both prominent "b" "p" pattern, bishops "b" "p." Prominent presbyters "p" "b" beginning pattern "b" "p." Both bilabial plosives members produced stopped by lips.

"B" "p" proliferate veritable partial pile up. Brief prelaty pastor, parish, Archbishop. Books pluralists bachelor parishioner private protestations chop Episcopacy palace. Metropolitan penance pusillanimous breast politic presses open birthright privilege. Parliament abrogated bud liberty printing Prelatical people.

Pointing provided by "b" "p" explicit presbyters. Prelates block part opposite, opposite "p" -- syllable break opposite superficially, but.

Put interpretation brings problems practiced pattern.

Put pattern bearer, build countable presence, "b" "p" passage back attempt. Begin, Presbyter -- but Priest places poetry, prose, plays.

Problem properties interpretive; alphabet patterns, repetition abound. Patterns produced alphabetic patterns imputed arbitrarily patterns by.

By began interpretive proposition, believes episcopal priests oppressors, despite apparent worship proposition. Pattern elaborated interpretive hypothesis; pattern noticeability because interpretation place picking.

Numbers prompt interpretive hypothesis. Be. By capability disposal, incredible computing power patterns, by patterns. Begin interpretively.

Proceed place; appear program.

But --

Put expected surprised! Surprise! Been up; computer's ability beyond appears be pretty
computer, opposed capable playing.

Point place be embracing cosmopolitan perspective. Pushing big keeps dropping Europe. Be pretentiousness sympathetic Paris! Be experiences!

Possible; but between computer program. Happened simply, been books patterns;
been purportedly representative sample. Contemplation produced problem, possibly process patterns -- deep apprehension.

Computer corpus put potentially bodies -- briskly stop program.

Piles become between practiced samples. By priesthood, enterprise promise encompassing bargain bit provides, predicts scholarship.

Interpretive payoff! Be payoff! Been pretty; perhaps burgeoning computer-assisted interpretive pruning paths opened up by possibilities multiply?

Begins by, by propose. Keeps deep prolonged.

Hypothesis pursued point. Point place stop. Point keep going.

Explains browsing. Help browsing. Picking numbers. Interpretive hypothesis accept stumbling. Broadly, computer programs help.

Accepts be incapacity, because numbers produce, provoke interpretive; provide concepts practically discernible!

Presents ramped up been about practice. Hypothesis: process poem poem poem poem impetus hypotheses poem produce poems. Interpretation computers multiply process, opening up serendipitous paths performed computer-based been human-based computers.

But by interpretive paths, basis but build platform prompted by numbers. Fellowship
project perfection correspond typically been. Enable better bearers disruptive double by beleaguered.

But proclaimed place practice by between, between, between play.

1 comment:

Stanley Fish said...

Dear Ms. Trettien,

I write to thank you for this very helpful expression of a tension I have sensed as I acquaint myself with the new insurgency of the so-called "digital humanities."

As you seem to know, I've recently embarked on an analysis of the movement in my New York Times column (not to say, blog) and the fourth essay in the series -- http://bit.ly/H4Suf4 -- makes reference to your charming effort to mind your Ps and Bs in this post (without, I might say, taking a moment to mind your Ps and Qs). In my day, we were taught respect for our elders.

Stanley Fish